[syslinux] feature request

James S. Martin james.martin at digex.com
Fri Mar 29 08:54:47 PST 2002

I don't know if this is the place to make this suggestion, but:

The way pxelinux works, when a box comes up, it gets its dhcp address, 
then downloads the kernel and initrd.  Then the network card is 
initialized again by its module.  This causes a problem because the link 
goes down when the NIC is initialized by the module.  It takes about 30 
seconds or so for our switches to negotiate a new connection and that is 
not ample enough time for the dhcp client to start rolling (this is the 
dhcp client used during a install).  My question is would it be possible 
to make it an option of the syslinux.cfg file to pause after loading a 
module?  Or is my best bet to roll my own initrd and force a sleep?


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