[syslinux] SYSLINUX for IA64 platform?

Herve Gautier herve.gautier at thales-is.com
Fri Oct 11 02:51:29 PDT 2002

"H. Peter Anvin" wrote:
> Albert To wrote:
> > To whom it may concern:
> >
> > Hi, I am looking for PXE boot loader that supports IA64 platform.  Do
> > you have the version of SYSLINUX that supports this platform?  If not,
> > do you plan to have such support for in the future?  What are your
> > suggestions and recommendations?  Thank you in advance for your help.
> >
> No support (unless you can run PXELINUX in the x86 emulation mode), and
> I don't expect to ever support it unless someone is willing to pay to
> have it done as a contract job.  IA64 is completely uninteresting to me
> as I consider the architecture to be a complete joke.
>         -hpa

I don't want to be bad, I know nothing about IA64, but I think, the P.C.
computers architecture is also a joke, the only survivor after about 20 years
of existence ! 

You don't dream, it's a Real Virtuality !

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