[syslinux] strange problem with pxelinux - Config file size limit?

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Oct 22 02:38:22 PDT 2002


"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> schrieb am 21.10.02 20:23:56:
> PXELINUX *should* have a limit of 128 labels.  Both of these seem to
> have in common that the config file is more than 8K, which means it's
> larger than the getcbuf, which could be the problem.

ok, so my config file stays within the 128 label limit.

> However, without actually seeing the config files it's all but
> impossible to guess what might be wrong.
> This definitely sounds like a bug, though.

I stripped down the config file without the keymap and  F1-F5-files on the 
server: Same problem. So take the attached config file, make sure the keymap 
and F1-F5-files aren't there. This should give 9 'Unknown keyword ...'-errors, 
and one 'Missing parameter ...'-error on pxelinux 1.76 before the 'boot:-prompt. 
If you delete the 'kbdmap invalid' - line pxelinux should give no error.

I gave this file as the IP address config file, so this is named '0A01A8F8'.
Since I also tried with a different client the IP address shouldn't matter.

BTW: The append's contain homebrew kernel-parameters. These are in fact needed,
since I parse these in the init-scripts.



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