[syslinux] Isolinux Information

Richard Stofer rstofer at pacbell.net
Sun Oct 27 15:25:31 PST 2002

I am using isolinux to load the floppy firewall project.  I have a bootable 
floppy and the configuration works well.

I have managed to get isolinux to load the operating system but when it comes 
time to mount (something?) in response to the root=??? part of the append 
line the operation stops and I land in a shell without having loaded any of 
the firewall files to the ram disk.  All of the system files have loaded.

When I boot off floppy, all files are in the root directory of the floppy and 
the append line contains root=/dev/fd0U1680 (oversize floppy) and all is 
well.  With isolinux, all the files are in the /isolinux with the operating 

What do I use for the root= part of the append line?


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