[syslinux] Boot Linux from Linux

Henrik Lassen HEL at fomfrv.dk
Wed Oct 30 06:08:53 PST 2002

Dear Mr. H


I am building a Beowulf Cluster for Meteorological Simulations (DK government) and must boot the buggers over and over again.

At present boot and configure nodes in 3:40 min. 
Fault tolerans and speed

1.	I can now promote a node to master (BOOTP/TFTP/NFS/Repository...). 
2.	I can now push Repository to secret partition nodes and boot from the secret partition.

I checked the KEXEC stuff and wondered that must be something you have been following.
How would the call look like (i know its stupid but I really would like to understand this stuff nad how your SW could work:
    kexec -debug PXELINUX.0 SYSLINUX.CNF
Hvis a nice day
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Fra: H. Peter Anvin [ mailto:hpa at zytor.com]
Sendt: 23. oktober 2002 19:57
Til: Josef Siemes
Cc: Henrik Lassen; syslinux at zytor.com
Emne: Re: [syslinux] Boot from Linux

Josef Siemes wrote:
> Hi,
> "Henrik Lassen" <HEL at fomfrv.dk> schrieb am 23.10.02 13:17:18:
>>      Do you know how to boot from Linux???
>>I reboot all the time and would like to skip the shutdown time (without cutting the power).
> you want to load&execute a new linux kernel from a running kernel? As far as I know this
> isn't possible. Or what do you mean?

There are a few systems which can do it, including the kexec patch that
was recently posted on the linux-kernel mailing list.

However, please note that you may find yourself having trouble because
the kernel you ran three weeks ago screwed up your hardware setting and
the current kernel can't deal with it.


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