[syslinux] Making logos...

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Apr 11 12:16:45 PDT 2003

developer wrote:
> Tom Lisjac wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm trying to create a custom logo for syslinux but keep bumping my head
>> on the conversion to LSS16. The sample syslogo.png works fine so I
>> decided to start with a known quantity by loading it into the Gimp.
>> I cleared the canvas, color filled a blue background (0x000033) placed
>> some yellow letters on the blue (0xffff00) and saved the file back out
>> with the default compression. The resulting image is 639x320 and 16
>> colors like the original syslogo.png. Here's the error I got with this
>> attempt and keep getting with all the others I tried:
>> pngtopnm syslogo.png | \
>>        ../ppmtolss16 \#000000=0 \#d0d0d0=7 \#f6f6f6=15 \
>>        > syslogo.lss
>> ../ppmtolss16: Premature EOF at (516,308) of (639,320)
>> make: *** [syslogo.lss] Error 255
> Hi,
>    This happens when the original file have a incongruent PNG Class.
>    Will be very long to explain how to solve.
>    The most immediate solution I can tell you is that your image must be 
> PNG: PseudoClass, not "DirectClass"

No, this is not true.  After the conversion of PPM none of that matters. 
  Most likely is that you're on a RedHat 8 or 9 system, or any other 
system with a UTF-8 locale; you need to get ppmtolss16 from syslinux 
2.03, or manually set the locale to "C":

LC_ALL=C make

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