[syslinux] Problem in getting tftp transfer to succeed

Louis Van den Broek vandenbroek.y at skynet.be
Mon Apr 14 14:10:08 PDT 2003

On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 11:01 PM, Josef Siemes wrote:

> that may be solvable. Perhaps the client insists on a special (or not 
> even special)
> option to come from the server. I've seen clients refusing to boot if 
> they get the
> boot file via the bootp options, but boot fine with the dhcp ones. 
> This would be
> options 'bf' vs. '66' AFAIR.

Thanks, I think you are right, I think the standard Mac OS X server 
puts the path to the file to be tftp-ed in the bf: option ...
I didn't do a trace on the standard dhcp server but I'll bet it will be 
where you say it is ...

If I need help I'll let you know,

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