[syslinux] [pxelinux] fix for Realtek PXE implementation

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Apr 19 21:11:33 PDT 2003

Frans van Dorsselaer wrote:
>>Frans van Dorsselaer wrote:
>>>I found (and fixed) a problem with my realtek onboard 8139 controller.
>>>dhcpd server sends filename "pxelinux.0" but realtek requests
>>>(i.e. the octal character 377 is appended), resulting in a file not
> found
>>>the tftpd phase.
>>>I fixed this by adding a mapping to tftpd:
>>># strip ending garbage from filenames (Realtek PXE bug)
>>>r ^([[:graph:]]*)(.+)$ \1
> Note to self: double check fixes...
> Of coarse this should read:
> r ^([[:graph:]]*)(.*)$ \1

Actually, either should work ... in the first case the regexp won't 
match and in the second case it does nothing :)


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