[syslinux] Re: SYSLINUX Digest, Vol 5, Issue 18

Jaspreet oberoi jaspreetoberoi at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 25 12:32:13 PDT 2003

Hi, i'm sorry but i dint actually understand what u asked for, Like do u 
want to know exactly what error message i'm getting or the configuration of 
the pc's in which i get these errors ??

Sorry for being so stupid :-))

>Jaspreet oberoi wrote:
> > Hi,,
> >
> > I wud just like to inform that the previous issue of memdisk not booting
> > compressed images still persists !! The release 2.05 that was supposed
> > to fix this issue dint yet solve the problem !!
> >
> > Please, let me know if more info on the problem is required !!
> >
>Do you have a test case?
>	-hpa

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