[syslinux] Memdisk & tomsrtbt

Christopher Buckley mallardproductions at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 10:03:46 PST 2003

tom & peter

Hi Guys, I have a little problem I'm hoping you can
help me with.

When I try to boot toms image, memdisk states a
"fractional end sector" while loading the image. It
continues with the process until I get a "Booting..."
prompt and then freezes.

Here's the whole story:

A while back I acquired version tomsrtbt 2.0.103, to
make a multi-image boot cd as described at:


I was able to create the CD and it works for my
dos-6.22, win95, win98 images, but not toms.

I have done as instructed:

1) download tomsrtbt 2.88 bz

2) unzip it and place it in \isolinux folder

3) create isolinux.cfg as:

display boot_msg.txt

# Keep your options above option labels
default 1
prompt 1
timeout 200

# List your boot choice instructions here
label 1
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=tomsrtbt.img
label 2
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=win_98.img
label 3
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=win_95.img
label 4
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=dos_6_22.img
label a
	localboot 0x00
label h
	localboot 0x80
label q
	localboot -1

4) Create the file system using mkisofs -b
isolinux/isolinux.bin (etc as spec by peter)

5) burn the cd as data

Got any suggestions/ideas? Is this my problem, or some
thing between you two?



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