[syslinux] Memdisk lower memory usage

Clay_Cooper at Dell.com Clay_Cooper at Dell.com
Tue Jul 1 09:08:10 PDT 2003


Based on Peter's advice that my pxe stack is broken, I did some additional
testing.  It seems that, with syslinux-2.04-1, the UNDI drivers are not
unloaded from memory with either an Intel or a Broadcom nic.  

However, while running syslinux-1.75, the UNDI drivers get unloaded from
memory using _both_ the Intel and Broadcom nics.

Viewing the changelog shows several Pxelinux/Memdisk changes between these
two revisions.

Below, I am providing all the information I can regarding nics and boot
agents, perhaps someone can take a look at this.  Thanks for your help.


Clay Cooper
PG Custom Engineering

Onboard Broadcom BCM5701 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 15)
NetXtreme Ethernet Boot Agent v3.1.11
PXE-2.1 (build 082)

Intel 82544E1 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 02)
IBA GE v1.2.10
PXE-2.1 (WfM 2.0)(build 083)

Syslinux 1.75
Intel PXE boot    -- 635K mem avail
Broadcom PXE boot -- 635K
Direct to HD	-- 638K

Syslinux 2.04-1
Intel PXE boot    -- 560K mem avail
Broadcom PXE boot -- 561K
Direct to HD	-- 638K

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