[syslinux] isolinux: starting terminals ; surpressing output

Robert Woerle robert at paceblade.com
Thu Jul 3 01:12:31 PDT 2003


I sucessfully created a boot cd with isolinux ...
right now online 1 terminal starts (tty1)

how can i start the other terminals like tty2 etc ...?

2 .

how can i surpress the output of some commands i use in my CD ??
i did create a recovery CD which uses partimage and some other tools like
grub , fdisk and mkfs.reiserfs ....
i can manage to pipe the output of the error/status messages via 2>& 
but i still get the normal messages from them ....
i can i get rid of them
since i packed theses scripts together and give my own status messages 
via dialog --msgbox or dialog --gauge and the messages fe from 
pop into my nice dialog boxes ..

i thought about starting the actual programs on other terminals then the 
dialog boxes ( or vice versa )

What do you guys think
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