[syslinux] Problems with eepro100 or BroadCom NetXtreme and syslinux 2.04

John Birck john.birck at baaderbank.de
Thu Jul 3 12:32:33 PDT 2003


Michael Blandford wrote "I am regularly booting/building
I am just trying to boot some IBM x335 servers with pxe-Linux.
How could one convince the Intel-e1000-NICs to have a pxeboot? The onboard
Broadcom-Nics don't work, kernel and initrd are loaded, but all I get then
is "ready". Ready means really ready, next is the reset button (God blue
boys, in opposite to Dell they are still manufacturing servers with this
little helper)

John Birck

   john.birck at baaderbank.de

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