[syslinux] Re: [fd-dev] Problem with memdisk and Free FDISK

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jul 7 14:12:31 PDT 2003

Well, I haven't actually been able to compile Free FDISK because of
missing dependencies (if someone can give me a .bat file that I can just
run in the fdisk tree I'll try again, otherwise I don't really have time
for this.  I *do* have Borland C++ 3.1 available.)

However, I noticed that it looks like part_table[].ext_int_13 never
actually gets initialized if INT 13h AH=41h returns CF=1

Also, ah_register is set to a byte value, but the variable is an
unsigned int.

I suggest rewriting it something like this:

/* Check for interrupt 0x13 extensions */
void Check_For_INT13_Extensions()
  int carry;
  int drive_number=0x80;

  unsigned char ah_register;
  unsigned int bx_register;
  unsigned int cx_register;

#ifdef DEBUG
    Print_Centered(0,"void Check_For_INT13_Extensions() debugging
    printf("\n\n    drive     int 0x13 ext?     access w/packet\n\n");


      mov ah,0x41
      mov bx,0x55aa
      mov dl,BYTE PTR drive_number
      int 0x13

      mov BYTE PTR ah_register,ah
      mov WORD PTR bx_register,bx
      mov WORD PTR cx_register,cx

      adc WORD PTR carry, 0     /* Set carry if CF=1 */


    if( !carry && (bx_register==0xaa55) )

/* ... etc ... */

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