[syslinux] pxelinux in Asus P55T2P4

Andreas Holzhammer aholzhammer at verio.net
Thu Jul 10 04:12:19 PDT 2003


as a new user to pxelinux I'm having trouble booting an Asus P55T2P4 
from an Intel Etherexpress Pro card with PXE bootrom.

I'm using pxelinux 2.04 (tried 2.05pre2 as well) with a Redhat 8.0 
kernel (2.4.18) and ramdisk image (for pure testing purposes).
The Mainboard I use is a P55T2P4, Rev. 2, newest Bios 0207, 80MB Ram, 
PCI VGA card and the EEPro.

dhcp,tftp work fine, pxelinux loads the kernel and the ramdisk image, 
but decompression of the kernel crashes the system:
Loading vmlinuz
Loading initrd.img
Uncompressing Linux...

crc error

-- System halted

I ran memory and cache tests to verify the hardware but could not find 
any problems.

Using the same network card in a different system (Pentium 2) works 
fine, the kernel loads, decompresses and boots the ramdisk.

Is there anything else I can try (except for dumping the old Pentium 1 



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