[syslinux] tftp-hpa server with multiple network interfaces

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Jul 10 13:41:10 PDT 2003

Scott A. Friedman wrote:
>         server_args     = -v -v -p -s /tftpboot
>         only_from       =
>         bind            =
>         disable         = no

This doesn't really work for tftp -- tftpd basically manages its own
connections (mostly) and

> The trace shows a connection from one fo the cluster nodes
> ( to the server ( The interesting thing is
> the replies come from both (external interface) and the
> internal. Could this be the problem? The gate is running NAT for the
> internal network could this be causing a problem? When the internal
> network was connected to eth0 previously everything worked fine.

This indicates a routing table or filter table setup problem.

I'd recommend trying to reduce the number of unknowns by running tftpd
in standalone mode for the time being.

in.tftpd -l -a -v -v -p -s /tftpboot


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