[syslinux] PXE Boote clients on two interfaces

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Jul 15 02:01:37 PDT 2003


Martin Bammer <martin at cyberlady.arcs.ac.at> schrieb am 14.07.03 17:05:38:
> how can I setup a PXE-server for two interfaces?
> The server has eth, eth1 and eth2. On eth1 and eth2 are remote boot clients 
> which use the pxe service. I tried to start the pxe server twice with two 
> different configurations. But it doesn't work. Please help.

- ISC dhcpd: This uses automagically the correct interface.
- tftp-hpa: same as above
This usually is enough to boot PXE clients.

So are you trying to use a 'PXE server', which is listening on Port 4xxx? Please 
give more details (or better: all you can think of, and then a few more ...). 
'doesn't work' is too few for my magic glass looking on your monitor.



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