[syslinux] PXE: Booting Diskless Node

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Thu Jul 17 08:27:17 PDT 2003


the missing network driver in the kernel was already mentioned. See other message.

Perhaps you could try to set ramdisk_size at the kernel command line prompt,
this should be at least the size of the uncompressed initrd.

Trilok Kumar <trilokumar at yahoo.co.uk> schrieb am 17.07.03 14:07:36:
> Ok fine......now when i boot after restarting the
> deamon xinetd,nfs,portmap,dhcpd and taif -f
> /var/log/messages i get the following error:
> server side
> tftp:client does not accept the options

This is just perfectly normal. Your client's PXE rom doesn't accept the
options it just said it would like. At the next RRQ it left out these options,
and it got the pxelinux code just fine, as you've seen.

> In this sample configuration below which i have taken
> fron ur web page 
> 2)how do i get  option vendor-class-identifier
> PXEClient"    vendor-option-space PXE and option
> vendor-class-identifier?

Perhaps you should just leave this alone and work without the vendor-option
stuff. This is needed for some braindead PXE stacks that insist on MTFTP and 
PXE servers, if you don't need this try not to use it. Usually a client boots
with the IP address, netmask and bootfile just fine.

BTW: Since pxelinux already managed to boot your kernel&initrd it was already
configured correct.


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