[syslinux] Memdisk problems again (2.05)......

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Mon Jul 21 09:24:14 PDT 2003


"Jaspreet oberoi" <jaspreetoberoi at hotmail.com> schrieb am 20.07.03 13:16:38:
> I've been having the memdisk memory overlapping problems since 2.04
> Its always seen in the compressed images whereas the uncompressed images 
> works just fine !!!
> It just stops at the error "Ran out of input data".. Even the memdisk 2.05 
> dint solve my problem !!! maybe there r still some bugs remaining. !!
> My motherboard is Intel 845GEBV2 and i've got 512 DDR (333) ram !!!
> Please look into this matter,
> Bye,
> Jassi.
> BTW :- i can arrange to send you the screenshot of the error, if it wud help 
> u !! plz let me know where do i send it !!!

Please no screenshots. Write it off the screen & post it here. It's not that much of

For your problem: Please describe exactly what you are doing. How is your server
configured, how did you build the image etc.pp. 'Doesn't work' doesn't help
at all, since noone but you knows what you did, so noone can recreate the problem.



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