[syslinux] Creating a bootable floppy

John Poltorak jp at manninghammills.org
Wed Mar 5 08:36:01 PST 2003

I'm reading the docs accompanying SYSLINUX where it says:-


In order to create a bootable Linux floppy using SYSLINUX, prepare a
normal MS-DOS formatted floppy.  Copy one or more Linux kernel files to
it, then execute the DOS command:

        syslinux [-s] a:

Now before I run this program, I'd like to know which 'one or more Linux 
kernel files' I'm supposed to copy...

Can someone give me an example of one? Are the required files in the 
archive or do I have to go some place else?

I don't find these instructions easy to follow at all especially when so 
much seems to be assumed. Is it so hard to be a little bit more specific?

I have been following some links related to the Linux Router Project and 
would like to install a minimal Linux on a CF disk.


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