[syslinux] help about mkisofs then!

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Mar 6 06:00:40 PST 2003

toma daniel wrote:
> Hello again ! I have another problem and now is with
> mkisofs...
> I understand that i cannot use nero to make isolinux
> bootable cd's but can you help me with mkisofs because
> i don't understand what all his params do !
> I need a iso filesystem like nero does ...relaxed
> restrictions 31 characters in filename and most
> important nero doesn't convert "-" to underscores this
> is important for me because i have a program that can
> be renamed and it has a "-" in his name.
> Can mkisofs do that ?
> Can you give some help with the params ? I'm a
> beginner in this stuff and i dont' understand much of
> them.
>     Thanks !

Yes; use the "-l -relaxed-filenames" options (presumably plus "-J -R" or 
"-J -r").


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