[syslinux] PXElinux question - not in FAQ (additional DHCP options)

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Fri Mar 7 09:00:04 PST 2003

Woody Suwalski <woody at suwalski.net> schrieb am 07.03.03 17:57:26:
> Peter, we have met in Cyber space looong time ago, when I was requesting 
> 10:minor numbers for the Netwinder project....
> Now I am trying to build a network boot for Xandros distribution.
> I have it working, however I need to do 2 DHCP cycles - 1 happens in 
> PXE, and then it repeats in my network boot code (based on BusyBox). All 
> I need in the second stage is the NFS image address, passed by DHCP as
>     option root-path "dell:/XandrosInstallCD";
> I could modify DHCP to use option vendor-encapsulated-options instead. 
> Is this one "eaten" by PXE firmware? What for is it in the first place?
> Would be nice if PXE linux could pass on the kernel command line other 
> vars similar to IPAPPEND info, but from your code  it looks that 
> pxelinux is not parsing other DHCP options...
> Unless I could use your PXELINUX_MAGIC option. Since I do not need extra 
> config files, I could use the field to specify NFS root. But how to pass 
> it later to the kernel?
> Thanks, Woody
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