[syslinux] pb with 2.5.x and ramdisk?

Matt P. matt at area403.org
Tue Mar 11 20:19:03 PST 2003


I have a problem with a 2.5.62 kernel and ramdisk. I am using isolinux
to create a cd that loads some of its partition in ramdisk. The script
involves mounting a ramdisk (e2fs) on /fake/ramdisk, copying part of the
cd to that mount point, unmounting it, and remounting it on
/fake/needwrite. The problem is that, although the content of
/fake/needwrite gets correctly copied, the content of the ramdisk after
its been remounted on /fake/needwrite is empty. This problem does _not_
happen with 2.4.20. It sounds like a kernel issue, but I haven't
received any answer there.
I wanted to make sure that the content of the ramdisk is not flushed
after its been unmounted?
Has anyone had similar problems?



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