[syslinux] Disk images and syslinux

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Fri Mar 21 02:33:59 PST 2003


"Karri Puumanen" <karri.puumanen at mainframe.fi> schrieb am 21.03.03 09:01:45:
> I have succesfully used bootable 1.44 and 2.88 images with syslinux/memdisk. No problemo there. The challenge is how to create a bootable 5-15 MB disk image with correct geometry, MBR, boot sector, active bit  etc.

I can't help much with that. Someone suggested to use dosemu for this, with fdisk on a
loopback mounted file - but I didn't try that.

> Having instructions/tools to do such image would make possible for example intgrating all IBM ServeRAID firmware update disks (3 in total) into one image.

BTW: The IBM ServeRAID CD is a bootable linux image, perhaps you can get some info from this.
Especially the filesystem should be some initrd or similar, not 3 diskette images. And AFAIR
this contains the firmware upgrade.



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