[syslinux] problems with 2880 linux floppy image

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Mon Nov 3 23:13:08 PST 2003


"Patty O'Reilly" <oreilly at qualcomm.com> schrieb am 04.11.03 00:38:05:
> I referenced the syslinux.zytor web page to help create my
> syslinux.cfg file. It looks something like the following:
> label myimage
> 	kernel memdisk
> 	append initrd=myimage.img
> My dhcp/tftp server are configured similar to the recommendations
> found under pxelinux at syslinux.zytor.com.
> The file myimage.img is a fat filesystem which contains vmlinuz,
> initrd.img, and syslinux.cfg. I used syslinux to creat the boot
> boot loader on the image file. The client simply hangs when it trys to
> boot the image file. There are no error messages.
> Does it matter whether you run syslinux on the filesystem before or
> after it is populated? 

No. Syslinux reads the filesystem, and doesn't need to know beforehand where the
kernel files are.

> Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Perhaps you could post *all* messages you see on the screen, if you didn't already
do this.

Is it possible to boot e.g. memtest from pxelinux? 

Thinking about it, memtest should be documented somewhere, maybe even in some
step-by-step examples. It's small, but if it boots a linux kernel should also boot fine. 
And with this you could first check your memory before wondering why the linux kernel


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