[syslinux] One more clue, maybe...

McMahon, Chris CMcMahon at loronix.com
Wed Nov 19 08:46:45 PST 2003

	The stack dump message is white text on black background.  Right
above the stack dump message, still in yellow-on-blue from the PXELINUX
settings, is the text: 

Building the boot loader arguments 
Relocating the loader and the BTX 
Starting the BTX loader 

<change to white-on-black>  
BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01 

<stack dump>   

	Would that business of "arguments... Relocating... Starting..." tell
us anything?  
	BTW, you should be able to recreate this with the pxeboot.0 that I
sent you-- if it works, it'll produce a nice error message about a missing
	In the meantime, I'll try to find someone to converse with about

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McMahon, Chris wrote:
> Hi again... 
> 	The text under "BTX loader..." should appear as a block where each
> line is 56 characters long.  "BTX halted" is on its own line.  
> 	Apologies for my mailer... 
> -Chris   

Bother.  Unfortunately this dump doesn't make munch sense to me, for 
obvious reasons; I think we need to try to involve the pxeboot maintainer.


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