[syslinux] timeoutcmd not working....

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Nov 24 15:31:48 PST 2003

ganapathy murali krishnan wrote:
> I tried 2.08-pre1 and timeout command does not seem to be working. This
> is exactly what I see.
> 1. At the prompt I just hit Enter and the default kernel boots fine.
> 2. At the prompt I type in "defimg" and it boots fine (including the
> append option for COM32 images).
> 3. The appropriate part of my isolinux.cfg is
>    timeout readker.c32 prep

>    label defimg
>        kernel readker.c32
>        append prep
> After the timeout, the machine seems to hang and pressing Alt-Ctrl-Del
> has not effect. Only solution is to hit the reset button on the machine.
> Is the timeoutcmd supposed to handle COM32 images as well?

Yes, but the command is "timeoutcmd" -- "timeout" is a different command
which sets the timeout interval.


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