[syslinux] Bootable 2.88MB floppy image

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Oct 7 04:55:48 PDT 2003


fetak at comcast.net schrieb am 06.10.03 19:54:52:
> > The baseline of creating this image is to create a file with the size of the 
> > image, create a filesystem on it, loopback mount it, put the files on it, 
> > and umount it.
> > This is all quite straightforward. 
> Yes, no problem in doing these...
> > The only point where it is not is with 
> > boot sectors (and with hard disk images: Partitioning). There were 
> > some postings for creating
> > hard disk images some month ago, and AFAIR hpa put something from these on
> > the web site.
> This is what I need and I do not seem to be able to find this info. Maybe right in front of my eyes, but...

See for the hard disk method the thread:

: Subject: Re: [syslinux] help: booting dos from syslinux/memdisk
: Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 14:19:08 +0200

For floppy images you don't need to do anything 
special, just tell syslinux to use the image file you used with the loopback mount
instead of /dev/fd0.



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