[syslinux] SysLinux GPL license violation

Ivo Palli ivo at palli.nl
Mon Oct 20 01:48:05 PDT 2003

Josef Siemes wrote:
> Hi,
> jc at ljchurch.co.uk schrieb am 20.10.03 10:21:56:
>>On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 09:50:40 +0200, Josef Siemes <jsiemes at web.de> wrote:
>>>Ivo Palli <ivo at palli.nl> schrieb am 19.10.03 03:40:46:
>>>>SysLinux, being a GPL product, is being sold under a very restrictive
>>>>license without even offering the sources to the public.
>>>>I've written up my findings here: http://www.palli.nl/~ivo/rdp/
>>>Haven't even looked at your page, but you're completely wrong. Download 
>>>package, and you'll find a lot of '*.asm' files. No C code included, 
>>>since syslinux
>>>is written in assembler, and there are also readme's that point out 
>>>which tools
>>>to use to get your binary.
>>>So please look into the package before complaining.
>>I think you're being a bit hasty with your criticism there, Josef.
>>Ivo's is concerned about a company that seems to be using syslinux as part 
>>of a commercial product without following the stipulations of the GPL.  I 
>>think you should have a look at the article he wrote.
> Agreed ... from what was written above I thought that syslinux was violating
> the GPL.  Ivo should have written something like 'EasyRDP violates GPL, syslinux
> included in the package'. 
> Sorry, but the wording above was quite confusing, and thanks Ivo for reporting
> this.

Oops, sorry you are right, now that I read back my original email I can see that 
I should have been more clear. :)


    Ivo Palli

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