[syslinux] SysLinux GPL license violation

Gustavo Guillermo gustavo at compunauta.com
Mon Oct 20 03:05:48 PDT 2003



I'm currently working on embedded system Called Compunauta Micro Linux
II, it uses like EasyRDP, lixux stuff included SysLinux.

Which steps I need to follow to provide the sources for every program,
because the Idea of this Linux version is the smallest space, on 200MB
CD-ROMs, of course I can't put the sources on main distribution. The idea
on this embedded system is to sale ROMs preconfigured with ISPs username
and password, and put on the internet, the GPL one and standard.

My actual version works about 1 hour, because an error on my scripts that
drops ramdisk with squid logs, I'm not trying to put a demo of linux.

Best regards for everyone, tips about syslinux distribution will
be appreciated.

If this is off topic I'm apologize circumstances. (English is not my
native language).

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> Hi there,

> As I could not find a direct maintainer email address, I'm sending this
> to the mailing list.

> SysLinux, being a GPL product, is being sold under a very restrictive
> license without even offering the sources to the public.

> I've written up my findings here: http://www.palli.nl/~ivo/rdp/

> Please have a look for yourself.

> Regards,

>     Ivo Palli

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