[syslinux] PXELINUX and PowerSave Mode ...

Martin G. Rathmayer rathmayer at zid.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Oct 28 04:33:13 PST 2003

We have a lot of diskless Linux clients which are booting via PXELINUX
or ETHERBOOT. The problem is that they are on for 24 hours and APM
PowerSave mode works for ETHERBOOT only. But in the future we want to
use PXELINUX only, which seems to have no features for APM or ACPI
PowerSave included. Would it be possible to integrate such features in
PXELINUX or is there a way to boot a special image (which is not the
default one) after a certain timeout ? So the user could start the
default image by pressing return only, but after a certain timeout
a special image would be started, which sends the client in PowerSave
mode. This would be very important for us due to lifetime of monitor
and pc.

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