[syslinux] Using memdisk to remotely flash BIOS

Egan Ford egan at sense.net
Tue Oct 28 12:43:09 PST 2003

Will leaving PXE stack in memory effect flash utilities?

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> Mikey Sklar wrote:
> > Why not just use the keeppxe flag? 
> > 
> That gives you the PXE stack, but you still need something to drive it
> with.  However, you obviously can use the keeppxe flag and write a
> program to talk to the PXE stack.  That would be a very good way of
> doing this since it would be card-independent.
> Even if you do use wattcp or some other DOS TCP stack you 
> want to use an
> UNDI driver so that you don't need drivers for everything.
> 	-hpa
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