[syslinux] pxelinux+memdisk experience & problem..

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Oct 30 20:34:54 PST 2003

tbsky at annsky.com wrote:
>   1. i try gzip the image. but memdisk complain about
> "bad gzip magic number" and refuse to load. myabe i m doing
> something wrong. my procedure is  "gzip dos.img" and get
> "dos.img.gz". then  i rename "dos.img.gz" to "dos.img".

That should work.  What version of MEMDISK are you using?

>   2. memdisk eat 70-100K low memory. i read from archive it's
> because i got a "broken pxe stack" so memdisk can not release.
> but i try several pxe bootable desktop & notebook, including
> emboot pxe boot disk for vmware. none can release the memory.
> so maybe someone can give a clue what pxe stack is good,
> then i can give it a try and make sure what's the problem..

What version of PXELINUX are you running?  On what platform?  What is
the error code displayed?

>    3. a stupid question. can we make floppy image bigger than
> 2.88M ? it seems not possible, but.. maybe any surprise?

Sure you can.  You can make up your own format just fine.  However,
MEMDISK won't know what geometry to use (since you made it up), so you
have to specify the geometry on the command line.  See the memdisk


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