[syslinux] Using memdisk to remotely flash BIOS

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 31 06:01:34 PST 2003

"Egan Ford" <egan at sense.net> writes:

> So, if UNDI is NDIS2, all I need is an NDIS packet driver if I want
> to use wattcp?

I believe hpa meant that the UNDI programmatic interface is very
similar to the NDIS2 programmatic interface.

The phrase "NDIS packet driver" is a contradiction.  An NDIS driver is
for use with the MSCLIENT network stack.  A packet driver is for use
with wattcp.

There are at least two NDIS drivers which are written to invoke UNDI,
thus making them "universal" drivers.  There are no such packet

There are "shims" which implement a packet driver using an NDIS driver
and vice-versa.  By combining such a shim with a universal NDIS driver
and an functioning UNDI stack, you end up with something which should
be useable by wattcp.  In theory.

I could be wrong about any of this, by the way.  I have never looked
at wattcp very carefully.

 - Pat

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