[syslinux] Disabling MEMDISK

Alexander Heinz mailsanmich at gmx.li
Tue Jul 6 05:23:47 PDT 2004

> I have added instructions to memdisk.doc for how to disable MEMDISK. 
> However, it's unlikely that this will work if you're running under DOS, 
> since DOS will be very unhappy about drives changing underneath it.

My goal is to boot DOS/FreeDOS via memdisk, do a few things and disable 
the virtual floppy created by memdisk and continue to boot the local 
hard disk or an etherboot .com file.

So is there a way to delete the virtual floppy and load a .com file 
afterwards (probably not because there is no longer a ramdisk to store 
it) or a way to combine the program that deletes the virtual floppy with 
the etherboot .com file?

Here is a related question:
How do I delete the ramdisk and continue to boot the local hard disk/ 
floppy/ cdrom?


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