[syslinux] Cannnot Load image

pablo.morales at abitab.com.uy pablo.morales at abitab.com.uy
Tue Jul 6 11:10:51 PDT 2004

Hi there.

I'm new to syslinux, I've been readin all the documentation that I
could but had no luck..

My problem is that, I have a simple configuration dhcp.conf 3.01rc12
with this options

          next-server servidor
          filename "pxelinux.0"

hostname terminal-2
         hadrware ethernet  xxxxxxxx
         fixed address  xxxxx
         option root-path "clients/ip"

The pxelinux.cfg
label mylabel
kernel  mykernel

under /tftpboot I have the following files
mykernel -> a custom compile kernel
and pxelinux.cfg

I restart dhcpd, I tun on the terminal that boots up using PXE
It starts loading till it reads

Trying to load pxelinux.cfg/default
Could not find kernel image

What's wrong?

If I delete the pxelinux.conf and I rename mykernel to the default name
that pxe spects to find ( linux ) , it boot the kernel.

Thanx 4 your time..

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