[syslinux] Cannnot Load image

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dss at fredtun.no
Wed Jul 7 04:17:17 PDT 2004

> inside the 0A33734 archive ( uppercase ) I have the following
> label newkernel ( lowercase )
> kernel mykernel ( lowercase )

It tries to start the kernel _label_led linux, which it doesn't find. Try 
changing the label ("newkernel") to linux or add a "default newkernel" to the 
above. See the documentation on the configuration file.

(Not 100% sure about this though, as I have absolutely no pxelinux experience, 
just syslinux...if it doesn't work, try giving a 100% quote of the config 
file, don't paraphrase it, then we can see with our own eyes that it is 
lowercase etc. etc.)

// Dag Sverre

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