[syslinux] Loading Xen with PXELinux

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jul 17 17:52:43 PDT 2004

Bret Mckee wrote:
> Greetings:
> [ First, apologies if this has been discussed before. I looked through
> about the last year's worth of archives, but couldn't find a "Search
> feature", so I used the visual grep method, which is not foolproof.  I
> also tried to download the full text of the archives to use the real
> grep, but I got an error loading it... ]
> I'm working on setting up the Xen virtual machine system from
> Cambridge to boot using PXE.  Unfortunately, it requires 3 images to
> be loaded (xen, linux, initrd) and I can't find any mention of doing
> this with PXELINUX, and the only people I have found who have made it
> work are using pxegrub (with kernel=, module=, initrd=).
> Unfortunately, pxegrub  doesn't support the NIC I have (I still don't
> understand why it needs NIC drivers when PXE is available, but that is
> a different issue :-)

You should be able to use the UNDI driver.

What does this "module=" option do, technically?


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