[syslinux] Loading Xen with PXELinux

Bret Mckee bretm at boneheads.us
Sun Jul 18 10:19:21 PDT 2004

> > Unfortunately, pxegrub  doesn't support the NIC I have (I 
> > still don't understand why it needs NIC drivers when PXE
> > is available, but that is a different issue :-)
> You should be able to use the UNDI driver.

I thought I checked for that, but I must have overlooked it.

> What does this "module=" option do, technically?

It causes additional "things" to be loaded. Based upon its name, 
I assumed it was "really" so that kernel modules could be loaded
at boot time and that the xen team found it met their needs and 
used it.  Xen is basically a hypervisor, and to boot you need to
you need to load 3 things: the hypervisor, the corresponding Linux
kernel (ported to the hypervisor) and its ram disk. 

I grabbed the grub source to take a look at exactly what it does, 
where it puts things, how it tells the "kernel" where they are, etc.
but I haven't gotten that far yet, and with luck (and your help) 
I won't have too.  :-)  Sorry I don't have more technical information
than that.

Thanks much,


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