[syslinux] Syslinux of a USB flash ram

Kazutomo Yoshii kazutomo at powercockpit.net
Mon Jul 19 13:33:54 PDT 2004

Holst, Richard G (Dick), GVSOL wrote:

>When I run syslinux on my Sandisk Cruzer (512MB) USB flash RAM with the "syslinux /dev/sda" , it corrupts the partition table that I had already created on my USB device. It attempts to boot but eventually fails trying to load the kernel.  If I try "syslinux /dev/sda1", the USB device fail to boot at all. I would think that /dev/sda would be the correct device to use if one wants to write a boot record to track 0, sector 0 and not /dev/sda1. Am I missing something here?
>Thanks in advance for you help.
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Kazutomo Yoshii

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