[syslinux] stupid question

Mike Brentlinger mdbrentlinger at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 18:43:02 PDT 2004

forgive me.. i have no idea what im asking or if its possible... i have 2 
partitions as follows and am using the std windows xp bootloader to boot xp

- ntfs (windows xp)
- fat16

stupid question is... can i use syslinux, isolinux, memdisk or some combo 
there of to place a bootable cdrom iso image on the fat16 partition and then 
have a boot menu with something to the effect of :

1) winxp as normal
2) bootable cd image thats on fat16 partition
timeout : 30 secs to #1
choose : [1|2] :

im assuming i need to replace my boot loader but am not certain how or with 
what... if anyone could take pity and explain if this is possible and how i 
would certainly appreciate it.. thnx in advance

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