[syslinux] stupid question

Mike Brentlinger mdbrentlinger at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 20 04:41:02 PDT 2004

i may have just answered my own question by rtfm... it seems this is not the 
answer for me unless i create a bootable fat16 partition, which is not what 
i want to run XP off of.

{ Can I Use SYSLINUX on a Hard Drive? }
    SYSLINUX can boot from a FAT12 or FAT16 filesystem partition on a hard 
disk (FAT32, introduced in Windows 95 OSR-2, is not supported, however.)

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 07:23:55 -0400

Thanks for the info. I figured it was not an option. Your reverse engineer 
suggestion is a possiblity, just a hassel i was wondering if could be 

I actaually have 2 bootable isos that id like to use, both use 
syslinux/isolinux/memdisk (knoppix 3.4 and modboot 

sounds like your suggesting i should exract the isos to seperate partitions 
and use lilo or grub or something to point to each somehow? forgive me if 
that made no sense

thanks again for the info

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 07:45:58 +0200

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Mike Brentlinger wrote:
 > stupid question is... can i use syslinux, isolinux, memdisk or some
 > combo there of to place a bootable cdrom iso image on the fat16
 > partition and then have a boot menu with something to the effect of :
 > 1) winxp as normal
 > 2) bootable cd image thats on fat16 partition
 > timeout : 30 secs to #1
 > choose : [1|2] :

Plain and Simple: No.

The Problem here is that you want/need the 2nd choice to be an ISO
image. Although someone out there wrote an El Torito stack (possibility
to boot from the CD-Drive even if the Bios doesn't support it) - and I
don't know if someone has translated it into a syslinux-useable tool -
booting an ISO-*image* would need a CD-Drive Emulation.

Enter [The Problem]: Even if you'd rewrite the existing El-Torito-Stack
to work on an CD-Image, almost any Operating System would screw up on
the CD-Drive Emulation. Or you'd really need to go into it's guts and
write a driver for every OS you'd want to boot from a CD-Image...

Well, If you'd be able to manufacture a Microcontroller that
transparently emulates a CD-Drive, that also would also be a possibility
- - but probably out of our range of options...

Does it have to be an ISO image?
Easiest thing would be to "reverse-Engineer" the Iso-Image and use its
Parts to boot it somehow.

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