[syslinux] stupid question

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Tue Jul 20 08:30:31 PDT 2004

I actually have 2 bootable isos that id like to use, both use 
syslinux/isolinux/memdisk (knoppix 3.4 and modboot 

Knoppix is nothing special, cdrom-organisational spoken:
*bootloader (isolinux)
*zisofs-file (compressed ISO)

All can be copied very easily to harddisk and the knoppix line from isolinux.cfg can almost be copied literally into SYSLINUX.CFG (syslinux, installed on fat12/16).

Modboot is even easier, as it's a diskette image.
Just use MEMDISK from the syslinux package.

so what you want, boot Knoppix and MODBOOT from harddisk, is pretty easily done.
Only caveat is that SYSLINUX wants every file in root of partition.


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