[syslinux] using menu's to boot kernels

Murali Krishnan Ganapathy gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Fri Jul 23 08:14:16 PDT 2004

add_item("User Text",
          "Status Bar Information",
          "kernel initrd=xyz any additional appendable options",0);

This should do it.

If you look into complex.com, the isolinux commandline is built up 
dynamically, based on user selections (checkboxes and radiomenus).
complex.com also uses some features which can help securely boot (i.e.
users cannot type in their own arguments).

- Murali

James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov wrote:
> I've now been able to test the simple.com in dosemu, worked fine.  We 
> provide a CD that has multiple kickstart configurations on it and users 
> are prompted as to what type of server they want to build based upon the 
> isolinux.cfg selections.  My goal is to use Murlai's menuing system 
> instead because the large number of configs is taking too much screen real 
> estate.
> Looking at simple.c I see entries like:
>   add_item("Linux Rescue","linresc",OPT_RUN,"linresc",0);
> So I suppose I need to add an item to the menu that specifies a kernel and 
> it's appendeable options (like isolinux.cfg).. How do I accomplish this?
> I know it's probably a simple answer as but...
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