[syslinux] chainload cdrom

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Sun Jun 6 07:44:19 PDT 2004

If I understand B.Blauuws mail correctly, there already is that possibility:


yes. Just get the above mentiond zipfile and extract the sbm.cbt file.
See below on how to use (example used on FreeDOS bootdisk)
(the dotted 'y' is a alt-255 to be able to print an empty line)


# this compilation done by Bernd Blaauw 2004 [bblnews at hotmail.com]
# entire compilation released under GPL; www.freedos.org, syslinux.zytor.com
# comments begin with #, and a space is required right after it: "# comment"
prompt 1
default 1
ontimeout 1
timeout 50

say 1) FreeDOS Beta9-final [2004-June-28]
say ÿ
say Extra options:
say *******************
say 2) Memtest+ v1.15     (tests system RAM - http://www.memtest.org)
say 3) Smart Boot Manager (replaces failing boot-from-cdrom BIOS code)
# say 4) FreeLDR            (bootloader for ReactOS v0.2.3 or newer)
say *******************
# boot-options marked with * are not included in FreeDOS distribution

# *ReactOS - GPL'd WindowsNT replacement effort, Pentium-I / 28MB RAM required

# standard FreeDOS bootdisk, 360KB, GZIP compressed (www.gzip.org)
label 1
    kernel memdisk
     append initrd=FDBOOT.IMG
label 2
    kernel memtestp
label 3
    kernel sbm.cbt
label 4
    kernel memdisk
     append initrd=rosloadr.gz

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