[syslinux] chainload cdrom

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jun 7 11:21:17 PDT 2004

aaron.mcsorley at amd.com wrote:
> There are two methods I'm playing with, booting sbm with memdisk and 
> booting comboot sbm as a kernel.
> I can boot sbm from pxelinux and then select cdrom boot with both ways but,
> with the comboot sbm the cdrom that is booting locks up. The memdisk method
> does work. I also have a dvdrom that sbm wont boot but, thats another topic.
> I would prefer to use the comboot kernel method. 
> This would be really great if there were a comboot example that uses just the 
> cdrom boot part of sbm without the sbm menu.
> I also wonder if this eltorito stack could be used to boot a 
> cdrom image from pxelinux, that would be another really nice thing.
> label cdrommem
>         kernel memdisk
>         append initrd=sbm.bin
> label cdromkern
>         kernel sbm.cbt

It should be.

One thing memdisk does for you that comboot doesn't is it hooks the 
memory information calls and "reserves" the memory.  This might be a 
cause of difference.


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