[syslinux] ipappend and dos

Alexander Heinz mailsanmich at gmx.li
Wed Jun 9 13:24:35 PDT 2004

>>>I'm using ipappend and getargs.com with a dos boot image to
>>>get the environment variables for the IP and MAC. The format
>>>of the %ip% environment variable is
>>>  ip=<client-ip>:<boot-server-ip>:<gw-ip>:<netmask>
>>where can I get getargs.com?
 > http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~gmurali/gui/downloads.html

here is a simple solution:

get the nset utility from 

put nset and getargs.com in the same directory (or in your PATH)

make a batch file that looks like this:
@echo off
getargs > tmpfile.bat
call tmpfile.bat
echo %ip%|nset /s: client-ip=$1
echo %ip%|nset /s: boot-server-ip=$2
echo %ip%|nset /s: gw-ip=$3
echo %ip%|nset /s: netmask=$4

that's it.


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