[syslinux] Isolinux booting to /root on USB Drive

David Forslund forslund at mail.com
Sat Jun 12 23:11:10 PDT 2004

I'm having trouble configuring syslinux/isolinux to get it to see the root partition on an external USB drive.
The system doesn't enable direct boot from a USB drive, so I'm trying to configure a bootable CDROM that will
boot up and use the USB drive where the OS is.  Any suggestions as how to make this work. I've tried using Suse 9.1
and I can get isolinux to load the USB drivers (at least it says so), but then when I try to get to the /root
partition, it can't find it.   I can boot from the Suse 9.1 install disk and then finish booting up from the USB
drive, so I know there is some way to make this work.  I'm trying to reduce the effort required to boot from 
the external drive.


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