[syslinux] Position of boot.cat

Erwan Velu erwan at mandrakesoft.com
Tue Jun 15 02:39:41 PDT 2004

I've found with one of my collegue a strange "bug" when I'm using
isolinux. I know that we are using a modified isolinux 1.76 but I'd like
to know if some of you knows the reason of this.

We've found that if boot.cat is located at position 740 or 569 (isoinfo
-i) the cdrom is not detected are bootable on some drives whereas it
works on some others.

We've checked that's not a some burning troubles (tried many burners,
many media) and we'd tried several drives. We can rebuild the iso any
time we want, if boot.cat is located at this place some drives are
failing. We just had several byte on the cdrom, boot.cat is no more at
this places, rebuild the iso. it works !

Does some of you knows why does it act like this ?
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