[syslinux] memdisk Trouble

Sven Geggus sven at geggus.net
Tue Jun 15 02:58:05 PDT 2004

Erwan Velu <erwan at mandrakesoft.com> wrote:
>> while my memdisk setup works perfectly well an an Intel system it fails like
>> this on a Via-C3 based Mini-ITX system (copied manualy, I hope I did not
>> make a mistake):
> Please be sure that your bios is up to date because many MiniITX bioses
> are broken. There is a big fix for pxe in the latest release.

Hm, this looks like a checken-and-egg problem. The Memdisk stuff would be
my prefered way for doing a bios update, as I dont have a floppy attached.


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